Guide to Fix Wireless Charging Issues

If our wireless charger is not working on your phone or suddenly stop working after a software update, there are many factors come into play. Wireless charging is like every other component of your phone, it is prone to issues. Please make sure you are using it correctly before returning our products.


1.Take off your phone case and remove any metal objects.

Phone cases increase the optimal distance between your phone and the wireless charger. This may impact charging ability and charging speed.

Do not use phone cases with metal surrounding the phone. During the wireless charging, the back of your phone cannot have any attached iron, metal, coins, IC cards, bank cards, magnetic or metal objects.


2.Restart your phone.

Restart your device is a simple solution that can fix software glitches, which could be interfering with the charging process. Many customers have reported this method works well on their phone.


3. Re-position your phone.

Make sure that your phone is aligned correctly so that the Qi charging pads are lined up to receive wireless charging. Try picking up your phone and putting it back down at the center.

4. Try different cable and adapter

Most of our chargers have 2 ports, USB type C and Micro USB. 

As for the adapter, we recommend adapters that are Quick Charger 2.0/3.0 certified with 5V/2A output or more.


5. Check if the wireless charger is properly plugged in

Please check if the charging pad is properly plugged in on your device and if it is connected to a power source. 


6. Factory reset your phone

Performing a hard reset on your device is forcing to turn off and might fix the problem temporarily. 


7. Get another phone to test

Get a phone with wireless charging feature and test if it works on our charger.


If you have tried above suggestion but the charger still doesn’t work, please contact us at [email protected] with your order number and your phone brand + model.

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