It's REAL! The MOST Highly-Anticipated Magic Wireless Charger

Yes, the transmutation circle charger do exist. 

Back to September 2018 when the product concept video first came out, it instantly grabbed attention from people around the world,asking where to get a charger like this.

Well, your search journey ends here. We are going to present our #AlchemyCharger Series, including 5 magic wireless chargers featuring different pattern.


Ready for something magical? Let’s get started!

  • Magical light effect
  • Superior functionality
  • Universal compatibility
  • Fast charging supported

As soon as the phone is on the center of the charging pad, the surface’s true nature is revealed, the magic runes start to illuminate and reveal a magic circle.

Any device with the standard Qi charging spec can function with the charger, including the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note9, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone X etc. Don’t worry if your phone does not support wireless charging, use a receiver and problem solved!

The Alchemy Circle Charger soon becomes our hot-selling item and has ranked top page result on Google!

  • Futuristic sci-fi design
  • Fast charging supported
  • Exclusive distributed at RegisBox

Newly launched magic array pattern, inspiring from popular video game — The Legend of Zelda. The breath lighting effect making this wireless charger looks like a real magic ritual.

Zelda Power Bank


RegisBox -

The Zelda power bank comes with a 8,000 mAh battery inside. 2 USB ports allow you to charge 2 phones at the same time, one with cable and the other wireless. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Power banks can be a lifesaver for your 21st-century routine. And our sci-fi style power banks can definitely add some sparks to your life!

  • Mysterious tribal symbol
  • Temperature control, short-circuit prevention for safety


Another cool design that would definitely earn the approval of many “The Legend of Zelda” fans. The Sheikah are a powerful and secretive tribe with pointed ears, red eyes and shadowy magic abilities in Legend of Zelda. You can now summon the magical power to charge your phone!

  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Compact size and ultra slim

This Cardcaptors wireless charger can lend you mysterious power and transfer the magic dwelling within the pad to your smartphone…

Does it sound familiar to you? It’s a classic spell from Cardcaptor Sakura, a famous Japanese manga series. The anime focused on Japanese schoolgirl Sakura who finds the magical Clow Book by accident.

Now, you can be a magic girl/boy if you want!

  • Mystical Setogram symbol
  • Fast charging supported

Setogram is known as Elven Star or Faery Star, it was usually associated with magical rituals & traditions. Seven is a sacred number in many cultures. This 7 points star array is going to show its magic to you.

Simply put your smartphone in the middle, the magic circle will illuminate instantly from outside of the circle to the middle. Make phone charging not only a daily routine but a supernatural ritual!


Feel mind-blowing for these cool inventions? 

There are so many surreal ideas that actually came true in the real world. Our #AlchemyCircle Seris just starts to spring up and hopefully we can bring out more creative gadgets in the near future. Stay tuned.

Say goodbye to tangled wires in a magical way!

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